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“Tom can answer any question you have”

Since starting our livestreaming at our church back in 2006 we started on my old dell laptop and had also gone through a couple of streaming provider company’s also.

Back in 2007 or so me and another person from church rebuilt an old desk top for livestreaming and that computer was already 10 years old moving forward about 3 years ago that computer the cpu just kept on running from 80-100% for every broadcast and then it started crashing during our live-streams for church and special broadcast.

So I decided to start doing some internet search on cost for streaming computers and the first search that came up was easternshorebroadcasting.com. Seriously so I called and talked to Tom who is very helpful and they built our system to spec how we wanted and very reasonable they build and test completely until it’s ready to be shipped out if you have a question regarding vMix Tom can answer any question you have 


– Camarillo SDA Church Ted Benson Jr 


“A powerful and reliable asset.”

As a video producer for 35 years I recognize professionalism. Tom Sinclair is, in my view, a powerful and reliable asset. His instruction is clear, informed by experience and up to date. He is punctual, knowledgeable and fun to work with. I find that a unique combination and recommend him without reservation.

– Mike Vogas, Benchmark Productions


Tom has the rare gift of combining top-notch product knowledge with genuine warmth

Just a quick note to thank you for consulting and guidance regarding vMix. You possess the rare gift of combining top-notch product knowledge with genuine warmth and the desire to see your clients succeed. Your strong relationship with the vMix team also adds a dimension that can be very useful when needed. 

At CXOTalk, we stream live interviews with top executives from the largest companies in the world, so our technical operation must work flawlessly and at scale. I am grateful for your assistance in making that happen.

– Michael Krigsman, Industry Analyst and Host, CXOTALK


Tom Sinclair has been a wonderful coach to me in the world of streaming

There is no substitute for doing things right from the beginning. As an educational ambassador for the Alzheimer’s/Dementia movement, I am always looking for ways to “cast a bigger net to get a bigger catch”. Low and behold, Tom Sinclair streams his way into my life and has been an inspiration for me to take my ideas and actions to a greater level.

Toms creativity, consistency and vision has been infectious in the world of live streaming. Every day that I walk into my new video studio or am faced with a challenge, the first thing I think of is, what would Tom Sinclair do in this case?

As Michael Jordan once said, “No matter how good you think you are, you could never reach greatness without a wonderful coach.” Not that I am Michael Jordan, but Tom Sinclair has been a wonderful coach to me in the world of streaming & branding. He keeps me thinking and challenged each and every day as I view his videos and try to Emulate his every action. I have never considered myself an idiot but in the world of streaming, I am proud to be an associate of Tom Sinclair & all those other streaming idiots on his team. Tom, lets keep the party going!

Butch Grimes, www.whosgonnatakecareofme.com www.wetalk247.com,


He took me from Zero to Hero in Live Streaming

Tom Sinclair took me from being a zero to a hero in the world of Live Streaming.  Less than nine months ago my business partner and I made the decision to reach outside of our training classroom via Live Stream were we learned about new tools like this paystub generator. The day we made the decision I had no idea how Live Streaming worked, or if I could do it, or not!

I met Tom via Google! When his Streaming Idiots popped up on my screen I knew I was in the right place for me. Tom was open to learning about my desire and what I wanted to accomplish in reaching a larger audience with the RV Maintenance Training. He was patient with questions he probably had heard hundreds of times before. Tom never once made me feel like a Streaming Idiot!

No matter where you are in our Live Streaming experience, I have no doubt Tom will be an awesome resource for you. You too can become a hero in the world of Live Streaming. Tom is the guy to help you do it!

– Steve Anderson, President Workamper News, Inc. & Director National RV Inspectors Assn.


His overall expertise really impressed me…

I previously had various problems with my PC and incorporating audio correctly. I had spoken with many so-called experts to help me with my problem, but as I began to view some of the videos from EasternShoreBroadcasting.com I knew that Tom Sinclair was the perfect technical geek (Gentleman) to help me with the problems I was experiencing.

His expertise and polite patience towards me was extremely beyond message. I would certainly without hesitation recommend him to anyone with his over the top knowledge of vMix, in addition to his hardware knowledge. I have been in the computer programming field for over 35 years as a programmer and his overall expertise really impressed me. Look no further, contact Tom Sinclair for all your technical needs. 

– Bishop Kenneth Davis, PowerNetwork.tv


I found heaven when I found Streaming Idiots…

That’s how I came to be interested in live streaming, through Tom’s videos. I’m a newbie and I’m learning as I go, but at time it gets difficult. But I found heaven when I found Streaming Idiots. There is live streaming and then there is live streaming with vMix & Tom’s Streaming Idiots. A huge difference!

– Todd W. from Streaming Idiots chatroom