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Streaming PC’s are designed and built based on more typical streaming needs for a church or studio environment. Streaming PC’s are pre-built, in-stock and ready to ship. A Streaming PC can be shipped the same day it is ordered. See our line of Streaming PC’s here.

Our Custom Streaming PC’s are built to a specific set of specifications based precisely on the needs of the client. The client may need specific audio or video inputs, a special size case, or other components that might not be common or typical. Custom streaming PC’s take 1-2 weeks to build and deliver.

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How Much for a Custom Streaming PC?

That’s the first question folks generally ask. And my standard answer generally is, “What do you want it to do?” Different functions require different hardware & software. The more you do and the faster it goes, the higher the cost.

Let’s say you have a talk show and you plan to use three Logitech C920 webcams as your cameras, then you won’t need a video capture card. Big savings!

Berlin Racetrack PCsOr, maybe you are broadcasting racing and have three Canon XA25 video cameras and they will be 75′ from the PC, then you will need to use the SDI output on the cameras to a video capture card that has SDI inputs. You could use the cameras’ HDMI outputs, but HDMI does not do well at that distance. This function costs more.

So, we have developed a process. It starts with…



Every custom PC project begins with a Needs Analysis. What do you need the PC to do? What kind of cameras do you have? Does the PC need to be portable? How are you handling audio? Do you need to use multiple monitors? There is a fairly extensive checklist we use to drill down to the essential need. Most times a telephone chat will suffice thought sometimes more than one call is needed.


pro-capture-quad-sdi-banner-card-1.0-minOnce the need is established, then we develop a Component List to meet those needs. For example, the SDI video capture card listed above is based on the need to carry video 75′ from the camera to the PC and based on the camera’s output features that include SDI output.

We like Magewell video capture cards and PTZ Optics brand PTZ HD cameras. We like vMix video production software. We can supply most any brand of components.

Other components for future needs are identified as well. For example, you may want to add additional capture card at a later date. So we would make sure that the motherboard would have an expansion slot large enough and powerful enough for that card. And the power supply unit would need to be large enough to provide the extra power for that future card. It is good to try to anticipate the future.


And, at this point, your budget becomes a consideration. How much of what you need and what you want can be included for the amount you are willing to spend. There is no sense in designing a Super PC if it is not in the budget. With a harmonious budget, a Quote is prepared and submitted for your approval. Quotes are good for 30 days and include Terms.


Normal Terms include payment in advance via cash, check charge, or PayPal; shipping date of two week after payment, Free shipping in the US excepting HI & AK. 



ups-truck2For Shipping, we are practically OCD. The PC would be wrapped in plastic and packed in the original computer case packing box with its custom foam packing. Depending on the configuration of the PC components, we add internal packing around delicate components. This PC box would be packed in an industrial double-walled shipping box filled with cushioning material and securely sealed. The shipment would be insured for the full value of the PC. We have used this over-the-top shipping method with 100% success. Is this too much? Probably, but why risk it?


The Warranty is for three-years and covers all of the hardware and software. Free lifetime technical support by phone, email or video conference. For repairs, return the PC to us for repairs at no charge, or chose a local repair shop and we will supply any needed parts. Of course, opening the PC case voids the warranty.


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