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September 21, 2016

Wirecast Gear? Yep.

New Streaming Show Competition? Yep, Merle & George!  

The folks at Telestream have decided to get into the hardware business and compete with NewTek. They are introducing the Wirecast Gear this week. Is this a wise move? Time will tell, but I think not. 

Speaking of competition... there's new Streaming Talk Show now and I'm taking my new competitors very seriously. Merle Dixon and George Price think they know something about streaming. Well, you know what... They do! 


- Tom Sinclair

Introducing Tom Sinclair's latest video streaming series aptly named "Streaming Idiots!" Tom has been a long time streaming advocate and veteran of hundreds of sports broadcasts. He brings his extensive webcasting experience to the second screen in his new series all about live video production streamed over the internet.

Join him in upcoming episodes as he stumbles through show after show, being a great example of How NOT To Do Streaming! Shows are live on Wednesday afternoons at 3 ET/8 UK/9 CET and Thursday mornings at 5 AEST.

This show was recorded live at our studios at Eastern Shore Broadcasting in Fairhope, Alabama. vMix was used on a 2nd generation i7 PC for production, streaming, and recording.


vMix 17 is here and it is amazing. More info here and a free 60-day trial.

Then tune in to Streaming Idiots on Wednesday at 3 pm for the latest tips and tricks!

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