What’s NDI and why should I care?

Monday, January 16th, 2023

NDI.graphic_605NDI is an acronym for Network Device Interface. NDI is a protocol for data compression and transfer over IP developed primarily by Newtek, the makers of the Tricaster series of live video production systems. NDI will allow huge amounts of data (aka video) to be sent and received over a Gigabit local area network. With. No. Latency.

No latency? Well, not much. Maybe a half a frame of 1080p@30fps video. So, yes, no latency. Use this link to find out more at Themonstercycle.

How can this be? Damned if I know but it it so.

The CEO of Newtek, Dr. Andrew Cross, spearheaded a coalition of tech companies in the development of this open source protocol.


who holds a PhD from the United Kingdom’s University of York in Computer Vision/Image Processing