X-keys® XKE-124 T-Bar USB Keyboard


One hundred twenty-four keys with an embedded T-bar fader to create the perfect control panel for your application.  Keys may be replaced by blockers or indicators to create an intuitive layout for live or post production video control.

  • Smooth, reliable fader input with 124 keys
  • Addressable backlighting or indicators in each key position
  • Compatible with vMix!
  • Special Order. Not stocked at ESB


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  • Smooth and solid T-bar reports 0-255 linear position value
  • 124 keys
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum case with powder coated finish
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key
  • USB connection to computer
  • Also offers unique USB HID data reports for full integration
  • A wide range of key caps and blockers available

XKE-124 T-Bar USB Keyboard Info Sheet

XKE-124 T-Bar USB Keyboard Product Manual