X-keys® XK-80 USB Keyboard


  • Plug N Play with vMix
  • 80 relegendable keys
  • Suitable for handheld, desktop, or mounted use
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key
  • Add tall, wide, and quad keys or key blockers to customize
  • USB connection
  • The XK-80 offers eighty programmable keys to fire shortcuts in vMix.

The XK-80 offers an 8 x 10 grid of programmable keys to trigger macros, shortcuts, and applications, select tools or open files or directories. Key blockers can knock out unused keys and delineate groups to instantly create a custom control panel.

XK-80 Info Sheet pdf-logo

XK-80 Product Manual pdf-logo

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The XK-80 (part #Xk-0980-UBK80-R) is a user-programmable USB computer input device. It is a complete keypad with an enclosure suitable for desktop, handheld, or mounted use. The device can also communicate directly with software such as vMix.

The standard keycaps are designed for insertion of custom labels by the user.

Assorted accessories are available, including options for flexible layouts, larger keys, professionally-labelled keys, additional indicators, and mounting kits.

Featured Features:

  • 80 buttons, arranged in 8×10 matrix, plus a programming switch on top
  • Blue and red individually-controlled backlighting for each key
  • Green and red indicator LEDs
  • Internal memory for recording keyboard, mouse, game controller, and multimedia macros; enabling OS-independent operation
  • Complete SDK, for Windows, Linux, and Android; raw data reports available for other platforms
  • Detachable angled feet, allowing subtle tilt in portrait or landscape orientation

Indicator LEDs:

Two indicator LEDs are on the top left corner of the device. The green LED will be on by default when the device is powered. The red LED is used, by default, to indicate when a second layer of device programming is being accessed.

These indicator LEDs can be controlled from within vMix software.

LED Backlights:

The XK-80 has two banks of LEDs: blue and red. Each key has one of each and they may be addressed individually. By default, the initial backlighting of an XK-80 when it is plugged in is all blue on, all red off.

Customizing the XK-80 with Accessories

Carefully pry the lens off

Standard key caps have two parts: the clear lens and the base which may be clear or opaque. These parts can be separated by prying with a fingernail or other thin object. Labels (also known as “legends”) may then be inserted before the key cap is put back together.

Custom legends, as well as custom-printed key caps for a more professional look, are available from P.I. Engineering for medium-to-large projects. Typically a minimum order of 10 full X-keys layouts is required, and setup fees and lead times can vary. Please Contact Us for more information.

Blocking Out Keys:

Safest removal is accomplished with a key puller

Safest removal is accomplished with a key puller

Keys can be removed from the XK-80, so that keys (or sections of keys) can be blocked out. To remove a key, a key puller (provided in all retail boxes, or part #XK-A-303-R) or other method of prying may be used to pull from underneath the key in a gentle but firm straight-upward motion.

Key blockers are available as part #XK-A-556-R, and may be used to define sections within a key layout or to separate keys from other keys. These are simply pushed into the keyframe, after removing the applicable key, by lining up the posts under the blocker with the holes in the frame.

Replacement/Alternate Key Caps:

Assorted keycaps, shown with blue LED backlighting

The standard clear key caps may be removed and replaced. To remove a key, a key puller (provided in all retail boxes, or part #XK-A-303-R) or other method of prying may be used to pull the key in a gentle but firm straight-upward motion.

Many alternate, or replacement, keycaps are available on our website for the XK-80. These include tall and wide keys that cover the space of 2 keys, and large 2×2 square keycaps. Also available are colored transluscent, clear, beige, and grey single keycaps.

Contact Us for more details or to place an order.

Angled Feet:

Angle feet prop the device up, making it more ergonomic. The feet may be removed by gently pulling with fingers. The feet can be used to orient the device in either a landscape or portrait style.

USB Cable Extension:

The XK-80 has an attached 1.4m USB cord. It may be possible to use a short extension cord if a little extra length is needed.

To achieve lengths greater than 5 meters, a USB extender must be used. The X-keys® USB Extender (part number #XK-A-1362-R) uses a standard Cat5 cable (not included) to extend the connection between any X-keys USB device and the USB port on the computer. The Cat5 cable can be any length up to 150 feet (45.7 m) and can be used to create a reliable long distance USB connection.

Shipping Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in