BirdDog PLAY 4K NDI Player


This product has not yet been released. We are accepting preorders. We anticipate release in January 2022.
Key Features
  • NDI 5 to HDMI 2.0 Converter/Player
  • Connects to NDI Network via Ethernet
  • Auto-Displays NDI Streams as Thumbnails
  • Supports Resolutions up to UHD 4K60
  • Supports NDI, HDI|HX2, NDI Remote/Bridge
  • Gigabit Ethernet, API Support
  • CEC/NDI Remote Control Support
  • Power via USB Type-C
  • Compact Form Factor only 3.3″ Square
  • Magnetic Base, Rubber Grip Ring
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BirdDog 4K NDI Player Overview

Add a convenient and compact video player to your NDI network with this PLAY 4K NDI Player from BirdDog. The PLAY is designed to automatically detect all the NDI video streams on your NDI network and display them in a standard set-top box thumbnail view, which allows you to then select and play any video on your NDI network with up to UHD 4K60 resolution on an HDMI display.

The PLAY features an easy, intuitive interface that resembles most popular media players. It is compatible with NDI 5 functionality and supports all the features of NDI, NDI|HX2, NDI Remote, and NDI Bridge to seamlessly detect all the NDI video streams on your network. Built-in CEC support allows you to use a variety of CEC remote controllers you may already have to control the video player features of the box. You can also utilize an API for custom programming with numerous APIs such as RESTful API, Crestron control module, Zoom API, Q-SYS API, among others.

The PLAY has a compact footprint that measures only 3.3″ square and can sit anywhere in your environment by mounting it on your desktop with its rubberized base ring or by using its magnetic base. It is powered via the USB Type-C input that can accommodate a separately available 5V power source or adapter.

Easy Setup by Design

Connect PLAY to your NDI network, plug it into your TV via HDMI, and use your own remote to browse the new interface


PLAY supports all the new NDI 5 functions including high-bandwidth NDI, NDI HX2, NDI Remote, and NDI Bridge

UHD 4K over HDMI 2.0

Receive NDI in resolutions all the way up to UHD 4K60

BirdDog Cloud Connect

Integrate PLAY with BirdDog Cloud Connect to use as a viewer for all your global BirdDog Cloud endpoints with lightning fast, high-quality video with as little as two-frame latency from anywhere in the world (requires additional Cloud Connect license)

Tiny Footprint

PLAY measures just 3.3 x 3.3 x 0.7″ and only weighs 3.4 oz

USB Power

PLAY is powered by standard USB-C for maximum flexibility

Mounting Options

Attach PLAY behind your TV screen with the built-in magnet or sit in front of the TV confidently with its non-slip rubberized grip ring

API Support

Support for RESTful API, Crestron control module, Zoom API, Q-SYS API


The easy-to-navigate interface automatically scans the network for NDI sources and lists them in a thumbnail view