vMix Replay Class (starts 8/7/19)


Starts August 7th!



Do you live stream football, basketball, baseball, soccer and other sports?


Then this is class for you.


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In six class sessions you will learn how to…

  • Set up vMix Replay
  • Save replay events with the touch of one button
  • Replay events… with the touch of one button
  • Save multi-camera replay events
  • Switch cameras during the playback of a replay
  • Do multi-speed playback (slow motion instant replay)
  • Do frame-by-frame replay
  • Manage all of your replay events
  • Search for events
  • Tag events
  • Create playlist for playback at halftime or post game
  • Create shortcuts to make Replay easier to use
  • Create melts and other creative techniques
  • Import and export a playlist


Taught by vMix Replay expert TJ Thompson


TJ is the CEO at iMint Media and his work has been featured on MSNBC, ABC Sports, PBS and the BBC. TJ brings skills and techniques for replay that he perfected in his work with the NewTek 3-Play & EVS systems and has translated to use with the vMix Replay.

TJ pioneered the use of the X-keys XK-68 Jog & Shuttle USB keyboard as dedicated vMix Replay Controller (more on that below) and has worked extensively with X-keys on developing their new XKE-64 Replay Controller (more on that below). TJ’s has developed custom templates for vMix Replay’s shortcut functions and these have been approved by vMix and will available in an upcoming update.



  1. Have a working knowledge of vMix live video production software.
  2. Have or have access to vMix Replay on a PC. vMix Replay is built into vMix 4K, vMix Pro and the vMix Free 60-day Trial.
  3. Have a Zoom account (free). The class will meet on Zoom. You will need a mic, webcam/cam and ear buds/headset.
  4. Have a Facebook account (to have access to the recorded training sessions)


You will receive…

    • Permanent Access to Archives of Class Sessions
    • Network with Other Sports Broadcasters
    • A Certificate of Completion
    • Discount on any X-keys Replay Controller
    • Discount on new vMix license or Upgrade existing vMix license.
    • Discount on vMix Replay PC System.


Class Schedule…

Wednesday Evenings from 7 – 9 PM Eastern Time

     Aug 7

     Aug 14

     Aug 21

     Aug 28

     Sep 4

     Sep 11


Having the right Replay Controller makes Replay much easier…

As a member of the class you will have an opportunity to purchase either of the X-keys Replay keyboards that TJ uses for his productions at a discount.

TJ started out using vMix Replay with the XKE-68 Jog & Shuttle controller created his own custom layout for the keyboard. Here’s a video he did showing how he uses that controller.

Then, X-keys asked him to test a new prototype Replay controller, the XKE-64 Jog & Shuttle T-bar. TJ put it through its paces and liked this new one a lot. So much that he designed a new custom layout. And vMix liked the layout so much, that they are including it in the next vMix Update.

Both of these controllers will be available at a discount for Class Members.


Why vMix Replay?


vMix Replay empowers you to stream:


  1. Four channel continuous recording of up to four camera inputs including audio.
  2. Two channel simultaneous playback of recorded footage with dynamic camera angle switching.
  3. Precise slow motion playback control from 10 to 100%.
  4. Reverse playback and frame by frame control.
  5. Four Events lists are available that can each include an unlimited number of Mark In and Mark Out points that can be added on the fly and changed at any time.
  6. Each event can have a default camera angle selected for playback and text comments can also be included with each angle for easy recall.
  7. Easily playback entire Events lists or selected entries as a highlight reel,
  8. Complete with transition effects and background music.
  9. Auto mark in / out controls allow quick event creation with the click of a button with 5, 10 and 20 second presets.
  10. Keyboard shortcut support for all replay functions
  11. Many hardware control options available including X-keys, JL Cooper and Contour ShuttlePro support.
  12. Export events to separate video files on the fly, or use the recordings straight away in your favorite video editor without conversion.
  13. Use vMix Replay as a dedicated instant replay system or incorporate it into your existing vMix based production.


Course Outline.*


Day 1 – vMix Replay UI & Project Setup

  • Setting up a vMix replay session
  • Content management
  • Full overview of vMix Replay interface
  • Single user, stand-alone, multi-user setup
  • Signal path and IO


Day 2 – Operation Part 1

  • In and Out points
  • Creating events
  • Playback
  • Multi-speed playback
  • Multi direction playback


Day 3 – Operation Part 2

  • Overview of live and edit mode
  • Tagging events
  • Search techniques
  • Creating shortcuts
  • Hardware interfaces
  • Creating macros
  • Overlays and stinger transitions


Day 4 – Playlist, Melts, and Renders

  • Replay philosophy and styles
  • Creating playlist
  • Creating melts
  • Exporting and rendering playlist


Day 5 – Building a Replay System and Extended Q&A

  • CPU parts list
  • Stock Systems
  • IO options
  • Mobile setups
  • QA


Day 6 – Review and Q&A


* Subject to change