DIY Streaming PC Build



  • Streaming PC Build Assistance
  • Decide What You Need
  • Decide What Parts are Needed
  • Help with Assembly
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Tech Support for 6 Months
  • 10% Discount on Products from Our Store.


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Need help building your streaming PC? Not sure you have the right parts or know how to put them together? Tom can help.

With the DIY Streaming PC Build, you get Tom’s assistance in building your own streaming PC. He can help you select the best CPU, motherboard, capture card, graphics card, and other parts to get the job done right the first time.

This assistance includes

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Component Selection
  3. Component Sourcing
  4. The Build – Hardware
  5. The Build – Software
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Tech Support for 6 months

Plus, you get a 10% discount on anything from our store!

Not sure? Contact Tom here and see if this service is right for you.