Audio Controlled Switcher for vMix – Webcam/USB Mic version


  • Requires vMix Live Production Software
  • Automatically switches cameras based on microphone audio volume
  • Adjustable audio levels for switching
  • Switches to preselected vMix input if more than one mic has audio
  • Works with all webcams and USB microphones
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 compatible



The Audio Controlled Switching (ACS) system for vMix (Webcam/USB mic version) allows unattended camera switching. Talk show hosts/directors can let this system monitor the audio of selected microphones and switch the active camera shot to the current speaker.

In the system, cameras are paired with microphones and each microphone is configured based on the speaker’s normal vocal volume. So the camera shot of a soft spoken show guest will get the same attention from this system as a louder guest would.

Two or more guests talking at the same time? No problem. The system senses this and automatically switches to a preselected camera shot, perhaps a group shot or multiview.

The system can be turned on or off with a mouse click allowing the host/director to take control of the switching as needed. With another mouse click, the software will cameras.

This works for any vMix input (camera, screen capture, video, image, etc.) and any audio source. That includes Skype and other web conferencing software.

NOTE: Since the ACS switches based on audio, each microphone must be a separate and distinct audio source in Windows. If you are using XLR mics, you will need the XLR version of this system here.